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We help neurotic do-everything-preneurs…

This specimen represents 99% of entrepreneurs. They feed on shiny objects and noisy social media information. Their attention span is 14 seconds, plans rarely exceed this month. So confused about what to do, they try do everything to make sure they cover all the bases. They see business as a giant tangled knot of chaos.

Become laser-focused entrepreneurs

This specimen is rare accounting for only 1% of entrepreneurs. They feed on value, clarity and efficiency. They have a laser focus that can stay on task for hours and their plans are long-term. You wont find them on social media talking, they’re doing. They are deliberate, scientific, see business clearly and always win.

Quantum Mastermind™

What is it?

Quantum Mastermind is for entrepreneurs who can’t settle for less than being #1. Annual membership, 3x 3-day live events, online training, live Q&A calls + physical workbooks.

Who is it for?

Quantum Mastermind is for entrepreneurs with an already established and successful business making at least 6-figures with the desire to dominate their market and be #1.

Where does it happen?

Quantum Mastermind is online and in-person. Watch the training, event recordings and attend the weekly Q&A calls online. Attend the 3x 3-day live events in Los Angeles, California.

How does it work?

Attend 3x 3-day live events in person with an elite group of 7-8 figure entrepreneurs. Events are recorded and available online. Ask questions on weekly Q&A calls or in Fb group.

When does it start?

Quantum includes both online content and live in-person events. You start the training online the moment you enroll. Attend the live events by checking the event schedule below.

Why does it exist?

We created Quantum because we wanted (in Sam’s words): “A place to share our ninja-level shit”. Quantum is the mastermind where known mastermind leaders come to learn.

Sam Ovens on Sam Ovens

My name is Sam Ovens and I help people start and grow wildly profitable consulting businesses. I got started when I was 21 years old, completely broke living and working out of my parents garage trying to start a business. I struggled to come up with anything that people needed and I couldn’t get clients.

I was spinning my tires and not getting anywhere. I wondered surely there’s a way to get clients to come to us instead of us chasing them and then one day I figured it out. Over the next 4 years I made over $10,000,000 and moved from my parents garage in New Zealand to a 28th floor apartment in Manhattan and finally started living the life of freedom and abundance that I’d always dreamed about.

I now help others start and grow their own wildly profitable consulting businesses. Since 2013 I’ve created 9 Millionaire Consultants and over 136 6-figure consultants and helped thousands of others along the way. Check out my website for more information


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