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Organized Brilliance FAQs:

What do you get with an Organized Brilliance membership?

A membership to the Organized Brilliance mastermind features the following:

  • A twice per year 2-day mastermind event with Matt Larson, other members, and special guests.
  • Access to a 24/7 “Platinum Mastermind Real Estate Expert” email helpdesk.
  • Access to a private Facebook group.
  • Monthly live trainings via video conference with Matt Larson.
  • Access to all of Dean Graziosi’s and Matt Larson’s past and future courses as well as “Insider Elite.”
  • 2 VIP tickets to the live “Gain the EDGE” event in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • What is Organized Brilliance’s “Insider Elite” course?
  • “Insider Elite” is an online course for real estate investors by successful real estate investors.
  • “Insider Elite” offers insight into secrets and strategies used by real people to make money in real estate.

What are some of the available courses provided by Organized Brilliance?

  • “Winning State of Mind.”
  • “Be a Real Estate Millionaire.”
  • “30 Days to Real Estate Cash.”
  • “Empowering Conversations.”
  • “Cash Flow from Wholesaling.”
  • “Rock Bottom Blueprint.”
  • “The Real Estate Profit System.”
  • What are the two levels of Organized Brilliance masterminds?
    Organized Brilliance masterminds want to place you with your peers, so there are two groups: those who have done 0 to 40 deals, and those who have done 41 or more deals.

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